vanina vignal
“Because of my films, people often think I have Romanian origins. I have not, but I became roumanian ! There have been important random connections with this country. I met a Romanian woman who had fled her totalitarian country. Among her exiled fellow countrymen, a playwright, who said to me: “When this play is produced, I want you for this part.” He did not forget his promise and his play was staged at the Vasile Alexandrii Theatre of Iasi, in Romanian Moldavia.
The neighbour was still the Soviet Union, and fragile Romania was shyly opening up to the world after a speedy “revolution” the country had had no time to digest – which was in fact a coup d’état. It was around this time I first came into contact with Romania, where I arrived bringing with me all the clichés the media had been feeding us since December 1989. It was a tremendous shock. The better I understood the lives of the people around me, the less I knew about this country; my convictions about Eastern Europe were steadily shattered…”. Vanina Vignal
Vanina Vignal trained as an actress at the Jacques Lecoq International School of Theater and Movement, and the National Theatre Conservatory of Romania. She has worked extensively in theatre, which has given her a subtle perception of drama embedded in people’s everyday lives. She then trained as an assistant editor and assistant director, before turning to her own projects. Among other things, she speaks fluent Romanian, which gives her direct access to the people she has chosen to film.
Vanina Vignal is member of ADDOC (association des cinéastes documentaristes), of l’ACID (Association du cinéma indépendant pour sa diffusion), and SRF (Société des réalisateurs de films).
Educational programs
Giving tools to young students to analyse all the images that suround them (cinema, but not only).

Since 2007, Vanina Vignal is regularly involved in a few educational programs in France (always with her films as a starting point). In 2009, she has co-created with the French institute in Bucharest and NexT Cultural Society (organiser of NexT International Film Festival a Romanian program of cinema education for high school students. The program is growing and they hope that one day students from the whole country will have the chance to be part of it.
In 2014, thanks to Ada Solomon‘s enthusiasm for the film AFTER THE SILENCE, they had (at last) the idea to add a documentary film to the three fiction films usually studied every year –  they have started with AFTER THE SILENCE. Vanina has worked intensively with roumanian pupils (15/18) – since then, her films are shown in Roumanian schools. In addition, for the pupils willing to go deeper into the study of cinema, she has conducted, with her editor Mélanie Braux, three editing workshops at the film school UNATC (film and theater state school), in Bucarest.
Vanina Vignal – Translation and adaptation Romanian/French
Vanina Vignal has translated and adapted Stella’s, Dimi’s (TV command) and After the silence’s subtitles. She will translate the other films she’ll shoot in Romania.
Since Stella, she has done a number of translations for other directors. Some of the films are listed below.
She started by translating and adapting the subtitles for the Romanian fiction feature film:
4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days, by Cristian Mungiu
Official Selection – Golden Palm at the International film festival of Cannes 2007
4 months, 3 weeks and 2 weeks’s official site – Cannes Festival
Cannes festival 2007 and 4 months, 3 weeks and 2 weeks’s by christian mungiu
Site de Mobra Films
why not productions
French release – 29 August 2007
In 2008, she also translated Three days in Tanacu, a fiction feature length scenario, for Lucian Pintilie, but its production was interrupted.
The story became the scenario of Beyond the Hills, by Cristian Mungiu (based on a true story, and the non fiction novel of Tatiana Niculescu Bran), premiered in Cannes in 2012
ASHES AND BLOOD (Cendres et sang) by Fanny Ardant
Official Selection – Out of Competition – Special screening – Festival de Cannes 2009.
The film site  
Alfama films’s site
French release – 9 september 2009
Selected at the Berlinale 2009 – Forum
Prix C.I.C.A.E. de la Confédération Internationale des Cinémas d’Art et Essai.
Selection Cannes ACID
The happiest girl in the world site
HiFilm’s site
French release  – 16 december 2009
TALES OF THE GOLDEN AGE 1 + TALES OF THE GOLDEN AGE 2 (Amintiri din epoca de aur).
Scenario and production by Cristian Mungiu
Co-direction (6 short films in two feature films) by Cristian Mungiu, Ioana Uricaru, Hanno Höefer, Constantin Popescu et Razvan Marculescu
Editing – Dana Bunescu
Official Selection – Un certain regard – Cannes 2009
Cannes film festival website
Official site of the film :
Mobra Films website 
French release  – 30 December 2009 and 14 July 2010
Cautare – 30’- short documentary film by Ionut Piturescu
Quinzaine des réalisateurs 2010 – Prix du Court Métrage
Feature length documentary by ANDREI UJICA – ICON productions, Roumania
Official Selection – Out of Competition – Festival de Cannes 2010
Editing – Dana Bunescu
Distributor – Mandragora International
French release – 13 April 2011
In 2011, while completing the editing for her own film, Vanina Vignal translated the scenario for Cristian Mungiu’s next film… and while starting the Festival life of AFTER THE SILENCE, Vanina Vignal translated and adaptated the subtitles of :
BEYOND THE HILLS by Cristian Mungiu
Official Selection Festival de Cannes 2012
Best Screenplay
Cristian Mungiu
Best actress(es) Cristina Flutur and Cosmina Stratan
Production MOBRA FILM – Intrarea Serdarului, 5 Bucharest – Roumanie T : +40 21 6664827 – – – WHY NOT (FRANCE) – LES FILMS DU FLEUVE (FRANCE) – FRANCE 3 CINEMA (FRANCE) – MANDRAGORA MOVIES (ROMANIA)
Distribution LE PACTE  +33 (0)1 44 69 59 59 – –
Foreign sales WILD BUNCH – –
French Release – end of 2012
In 2015, while she was learning german for one of her next films, Vanina Vignal has translated the scenario of GRADUATION, the next film of Cristian Mungiu, then she translated-adapted the subtitles of different versions of its editing… before delivering the final version for Cannes :
GRADUATION by Cristian Mungiu
Official selection of the Festival de Cannes 2016
Prix de la mise en scène (Best director) Cristian Mungiu
Production MOBRA FILMS – Intrarea Serdarului, 5 – Bucharest – Roumanie T : +40 21 6664827 – – – WHY NOT (FRANCE) – LES FILMS DU FLEUVE (FRANCE) – CANAL + (FRANCE) – FRANCE TELEVISIONS (FRANCE)
Distribution LE PACTE – +33 (0)1 44 69 59 59 – –
Ventes à l’étranger WILD BUNCH – –
Sélection officielle LOCARNO 2016
Prix spécial du jury
In 2017, Vanina Vignal has translated the scenario of the next film of Corneliu Porumboiu.